Running Route

In Suining I have a set route I run pretty much every other day. I’m not sure of the exact distance but it takes me around 26 minutes to complete.
It starts, obviously by leaving the grounds of Suizhong High School and heading south.


I cross the road and my first obstacle dodge the seniors playing cards and mah jong on the sidewalk. Every day!


For reasons unknown this botanical garden’s trees have been uprooted. Boo!


Jogging (or biking) along the boardwalk.


Others use this garden for different pursuits.


Hang a right for a path up to the bridge to cross the river and continue the loop.


Bridge traffic and small, mobile shops.


Over the bridge and doubling back along the river down this tree lined gravel road.


The other end of the path exits near a church. Bizarre.



Brick path to extend the run, also more landscaping in process.


Brick path leads to the oversized bridge downstream leading me back towards the school.


Dodging car, peddlers and e-bikes this isn’t your standard Western street.

And then it is back to the school. Finding a relatively quiet place nearly devoid of people in a country with over 1 billion offers up a luxury most of my friends in Nanjing or Shanghai can’t achieve. Jogging along the river, watching the locals fish and walk while an occasional bird flits across my path just makes the runs that more enjoyable.




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