Suizhong School Grounds

Just some lazy Sunday viewing of what my new school looks likes in some late summer sun.

照片 913

The main gates which 6000 students enter and exit multiple times a day.

照片 914

Canteen on the left, girls dormitory (with laundry) on the right, narrow path leads to my apartment.

照片 915

Bridge over a very stagnant pond with an obscured pagoda in the background.

照片 916

Empty basketball courts in front of the main block of classrooms.

照片 917

Track and sports field. (No stands).

照片 918

Flagpole in front of the main classrooms building.

照片 920

Dragons in the park.

照片 921

A smaller set of buildings… I teach on the bottom floor. Art classrooms are on the upper floors.

照片 922

Open door policy, with freshly painted green door. My cubicle is first one you can see.
Class starts at 7:50AM for the students… and me tomorrow… no wonder I’ve always hated Mondays.


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