Friday’s Photo of the Week (Red Light Cabs)

For a slew of reasons I have been less than diligent with my writing of late… that changes shortly. I’ve got some things in the works to improve things across the board. Now I need to get my creative juices flowing once more.


Rows of red lights.

Rows of red lights.

One of the worst aspects of Nanjing (and there are many – it is not a friendly, pretty city) are the taxi cabs.
Xenophobic and minimal catching a cab here is only slightly less challenging than riding a unicorn into downtown Damascus.

To further add the confusion, only in Nanjing does red mean empty and green mean full. If it was all of China I could almost accept it, but Nanjing goes out of its way to make itself unpleasant to foreigners.

Imagine my surprise when after a weekend adventure to Hangzhou, I found the red lit taxis lair.
At Nanjing Nan – the southern (nan) train station!
And they actually gave us a lift!


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