Friday’s Photo of the Week (Spinning Sesame Duck)

It’s pretty obvious street food fascinates me. The different sorts of dishes on offer at small stalls scattered throughout Asia never cease to amaze, delight and frighten me.

Spinning with Sesame.

Spinning with Sesame.

Some offerings make much more sense than others; I do wish I’d found the Cambodian Spiders while there. I wouldn’t have wanted to try them but I wouldn’t have been able to deny the experience.

Sometimes you're the sesame, sometimes you're the duck.

Sometimes you’re the sesame, sometimes you’re the duck.

In China, a far more common delicacy happens to be duck, not just the world famous Peking (Beijing) Duck, but on street corners from Harbin to Guangzhou, Shanghai to Kashgar (well, maybe not Kashgar) another local treat happens to be spinning sesame duck. I’m not sure how the ducks are selected, but I find their perpetual carousel torture ride fascinating…
yet appetizing.


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Photo of the Week (Spinning Sesame Duck)

  1. I must say these photos are just a little off-putting. Even though the duck might be a delicious delicacy.

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