Sunday’s Photo of the Week (Exam Time)

I delayed this edition for a couple of days for a couple of reasons. (Sorry Uncle Herb!) On Thursday I received the

Maria and Belinda.

Maria and Belinda.

hilarious text from my head teacher Mr. Qin asking me if I was still in Binhai, I went to school that morning to teach a class at 8:30 that they cancelled without informing me, so I saw the delightful Ms. Wang and just wandered into her class with her, where for most of the 40 minute block I talked to the students, the 60 of them, about me, travelling, teaching. Let them ask, in English, what they wanted and went on, at length, about how important it is to use a language or you lose it.

I spoke in some my blatantly bad Manglish to their laughs but I was able to get my point across… almost.

Friday Nanjing called and informed me I was being recalled to the Institute before being shipped out on loan to Xinhua. I think I might be the player to be named later than pro sports teams eventually send to complete a trade.

That means today is my last full day in Binhai and it’s been a miserable day. Cold, blustery and dumping down rain.

A week ago, it was sunny and on a Sunday I went to school to administer a test to my four students. They asked to come in on a Sunday to write it. I couldn’t say no.

Jason, Year and Maria.

Jason, Year and Maria.

And that’s what these pics are of. My four students; Belinda, Maria, Year and Jason – doing their best to improve their English, on a Sunday, with a Canadian language teacher and his iPad.

Their English might seem weak, but they can communicate far better than they realize and with some more effort (and a spell in Nanjing) could really become good English speakers.

I’ll miss them. They became four friends to the waego of Binhai.



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