Survivor: And then there were two

I remember raptly watching the original Survivor, back when an alliance was called The Alliance and it was the only one in the game. When it came down to Rats vs. Snakes. And the winner was proudly gay and frequently naked and didn’t like to pay his taxes much. Still, it made for captivating television and showed the potential quality that existed in reality TV.
Alas, that level of intrigue and interest proved elusive.

The husk quickly came off the coconut that was Survivor and my interest waned by the second season. Much to my surprise I found myself being drawn into the current (twenty-fifth) season. Like many shows, Survivor fell into routine that meant watching it seemed less a pleasure than a chore. Occasionally some player caused a stir and I might watch a few episodes but my patronage remained sporadic.

The castaways find themselves stranded in the tropical Philippines, what drew me in initially was the inclusion of the former Facts of Life star, Lisa Whelchel. What kept me viewing happened to the hapless Matsing tribe and their delusional non-leader leader, Russell Swan.

(Warning: Minor Spoilers Below)

This season is four episodes old, and Matsing managed to find new ways to lose every challenge, taking their tribe of six down to two. The other two tribes remain six strong.

What to do with this pair of middling Matsing mates?

Delusional and done.

The most obvious choice would be for the Matsing duo to be absorbed into the two other tribes, splitting the pair and settling them in to their new social groups.

Then I thought for a few moments and while I don’t  know if this will happen, it is what I *want* to see happen to really shake up the game.

Instead of dissolving the Matsing two, make them the captains and have them take turns picking from the two tribes to make two new groups. Shift up the social game, rearrange the players and see what happens when the best laid plans of the players goes up in smoke. How do those who believe themselves to be in the catbird seat to realize the game just hit reset and that things begin anew?

I know it would make for a much more interesting hour of television than watching the last of the Matsing be split and absorbed (and the eliminated) from the game.

What me worry?

Unless Matsing is Filipino for Dodo, in which case, they were doomed from the outset.


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