Two Years, Five Days

If not for this being a leap year, this would mark two years and five days since I began my blog.
Stupid February 29th! Ah well.

It’s been an unbalanced year and I’ve drifted a bit from place to place to place, ringing in the new year in Vietnam, briefly exploring the south of Cambodia before realizing Vietnam and I were better travel partners and flatmates. I hoisted my backpack and instead of heading directly back to Vancouver spend four months in Toronto until the summer ended. The upshot being that when I did arrive at YVR it proved a memorable surprise for my father. Not as memorable as his recent trip to the river but then no one saw that coming.

Without further ado time to let my mind drift back over the 275 posts I’ve made so far.

Recently (and I mean like today recent) I’m starting some new things and looking forward and focusing more and we’ll see how well I do but while in Toronto I feel I really hit my groove with some of my explorations and explanations of the sights and sounds and improved my ability to see nearly wherever I am through a visitor’s pair of eyes. Just click on the tag ‘Toronto’ for a variety of my experiences there.

The biggest success of Toronto clearly resides in solidifying my friendship with Brad, Jack and their fuzzy friends. Any time I expand and deepen a pair of friendships that qualifies as a success to me. I also saw some new places in Asia I hadn’t been before, and found new friends while in Saigon. (Hey there Brian!) From living in D3, to Kampot, Cambodia. It wasn’t all fun and after six months in Vietnam and earning some more teaching certificates I felt it time to move on.

Things didn’t align the way I’d hoped and still haven’t. There have been fantastic memories from all the places I’ve been in the past year, I just wish it had all synced up and I’d found that right spot for me.
In the past month my production (quite strong in Toronto) dropped off precariously. This happens to me from time to time but thanks to inspiration from a few sources I already feel myself coming out of it.

Friday’s Photo of the Week
The crystallizing of this weekly series into focused snippets of microfiction. My goal is to keep the text under 100 words but use those sparse words to expand and add depth to the photo. I like how this has developed.

New Additions
Adding a TV  and an RPG tag show promise. The RPG one hosts a lot of play testing that I did with Brad in Toronto and I’m hoping to add a slew more once I get myself on my next adventure. (Ni Hao, I hope) I’m ruminating over adding more TV posts with the start of the fall television season. (The Amazing Race is back! Yay!)

Favoured of the Year
My choice, hands down, was my 5 tips on how to be a better GM. A touch lengthy but I think they are valid points and have drawn some new eyes to my blog.

Enduring Post
Oh Texas Street… how many people like searching for juicy girls, Busan, filipina girls, massage parlours and other sundry activities.
Oh CWB, we need to run amok again soon.

Under Rated (and Viewed)
I really liked some of the photography and short write-ups while I wandered through Bloor-Yorkville. 11 bloggers liked it, but officially only 9 views? Huh! Wha?

That’s the year that was. Three countries, new friends, gaming, exploring, a sojourn in a new Canadian city, improving friendships, discovering some new ones and feeling like the horizon is ready to open up and show me something new.
Time to hoist up the backpack once more, angle just off from the setting sun and see where my wanderings and my writings take me.

You’re all welcome to continue travelling with me.


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