Friday’s Photo of the Week (Ant Hill Renovations)

Hello toadstool garden castle.

Credit to my Mom for inspiring these images (which I took later) and to Nolan to being a force of nature for these ants.

I’ve always been fascinated by ants, they are so industrious and perpetually in motion.
Mom accidentally disturbed an ant hill when weeding her driveway garden she lifted up an innocuous looking castle and from under it exploded an ant hill, with eggs strewn across the dirt and ants immediately gathering up the lost eggs and relocating them back to into the safety of the earth.

Today, when Grandma showed the anthill to the grandkids, Nolan immediately flattened the rebuilt colony. It’s just his nature. Dirt is for digging! (Or, in this case, flattening). A few hours later I rerooted the castle and realized that already the ants were well on their way to rebuilding and renovating their place of residence.

Ants… as industrious as Nolan is destructivous.

Rebuilt and renovated anthill.


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