Friday’s Photo of the Week (Toronto Police Boats)

Here’s something I haven’t ever given much thought to… international boating criminals.
These aren’t Somalia Pirates but considering that just a few kilometres out from Toronto’s harbour an imaginary border separating Canada from the United States cutting through the blue waters of Lake Ontario it isn’t too hard to conjure up smuggling operations floating across this Great Lake.

Mount up! Erm… let’s roll. Uh… ok… anchors away!

What to do? What do to!

Apparently, the solution is as simple as it is elegant.

Police Boat!

This particular detachment resides in the mini-community that clusters along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. At the starting point of Yonge Street and south of the Rogers Centre. In addition to the Floating Flatfoots (Flatfeet?) are shopping malls, outdoor movie venues, restaurants, quays and docks.

Remember kids, don’t drink and sail!


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