Friday’s Photo of the Week (Pan-Am Street Pianos)

When I first found one of these seemingly abandoned but brightly decorated pianos outside of the Royal Conservatory of Music I assumed it was a one-off promotion to get passers-by interesting in catching a performance.
I was wrong.

Piano being played outside of the Royal Conservatory.

It turns out that in an intriguing, outside-the-box (outside-the-recital) concept that to promote and support the 41 nations attending the Pan-Am Games in Toronto on 2015, there are now 41 pianos scattered around the city to help boost anticipation of the impending event.

Coinciding these musical instruments to be on display and available to play during the 2012 Summer Olympics (opening today!) seems like a smart bit of marketing.

Perhaps I’ll bash out chopsticks before the pianos disappear.

Pan-Am Piano in Bloor-Yorkville.


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Photo of the Week (Pan-Am Street Pianos)

  1. In Buckhead Atlanta, I started noticing buck deer statues popping up in random places. The things a city will do.

    • Yes. Toronto has painted moose statues, Vancouver painted polar bears – they’re rather hideous. These contribute more than a retinal assault, at least when a good player sits down to tickle the ivories.

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