Art amongst the Annex

I just happened to be out wandering about yesterday and I stumbled across some odd characters loitering in front of shops along Bloor Street. It wasn’t theatre goers for the poorly promoted and scattered Toronto Fringe, instead it happened to be artists selling their wares by hanging them from the fronts of buildings.

As my goal yesterday was some quality bibimbap in Koreatown, I enjoyed a long stroll checking out the various artwork (paintings and photographs) that decorated this important street in Toronto. A bit of searching later and I realized this was the Annex Patio Art Show (linked to a bland website), good thing I found the poster and not the website.

See, now that’s something I want to check out.

This is another thing I happen to love about Toronto. A community gets an idea and runs with it. All along Bloor from Spadina to Euclid, every forth or fifth business happened to have an artist displaying their artwork. Some was good, some mediocre, but I loved that each artist felt confident enough to let the public check out (and buy) their work. I don’t know how successful each artist was, it coincides with the Toronto Fringe which should boost foot traffic a bit in the area as there are a few theatres scattered around The Annex and the University of Toronto grounds.

Building art meets wall art on the street.

Today the lucky artists were those who happened to be fortunate enough to have a business with an awning, as for the first time in ages it rained! A hot rain. That didn’t cool things down very much, but still rain! The rain continues to sporadically fall and it felt soothing to be out in it. Just a thunderstorm rolling through, but any respite from the heat and pizza-oven conditions are appreciated.
The artists without overhangs or awnings quickly reacted to the fat droplets of rain lashing out of the muddled grey sky as thunder clapped overhead.
With an outdoor show, that’s always a risk. Plus… it’s For Art!

“If you keep singing ‘Here Comes the Rain Again’ I will bash you over the head with this piece!”

Another benefit for the artists happened to be meeting other artists. Various styles and mediums. Just listening to some of them discuss their art, and their placement along Bloor fascinated me as much as some of the pictures. I always enjoy like minded people – artists in this case – sharing their similarities and celebrating their differences, discussing technique, inspiration, intents.

Artists discussion. (This happens to be the woman’s artwork – and it was under cover).

And it all happened in the Annex.
Another great community that helps make up the tapestry of diverse Toronto.


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