Friday’s Photo of the Week (Mom’s Belated Birthday)

Last week’s photo was cancelled due to one of the most bizarre flight itinerary I’ve ever tried to follow. I may make a post of it later. Then it was a whirlwind tour of Saigon, the Mekong, Mui Ne and Nha Trang – with an unfortunate ending.

Mom in Namdaemun, Seoul, South Korea last year, marvelling at the plastic bag dispenser for umbrellas. (Vancouver should heed this invention.)

However, that’s in the past and it’s my mom’s birthday two days ago. (Happy belated birthday Mom!) I have a few gifts I’ve picked up in Vietnam, but mailing back to Canada is expensive. I talked to her briefly and, since I sent the family’s Christmas presents on a slow ship from Saigon. Mom might just get some birthday (Christmas) gifts this week after all.


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Photo of the Week (Mom’s Belated Birthday)

  1. Thank you very much for your tribute, Byron. I can’t believe I have celebrated my 68th Birthday. It has been a wonderful ride and I hope to log many more exciting and interesting miles. We are still waiting for the Marchmas gifties, hopefully they will arrive soon. And, I still often think of the umbrella bag dispensers. The Lower Mainland could certainly make use of something similar in this rainy, rainy season that has lasted for months. Love you~~Mom

    • You didn’t have to confess your age Mom, I doubt most people would guess you’re 68. Yes, hopefully the Marchmas gifties get there soon. Love you too.

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