Friday’s Photo of the Week (My Vietnamese Crush)

Cuddling with my cutie.

Meet Ngoc.

That’s her there on the left.

She’s really kinda adorable.
She just turned 2 and in the past 3 1/2 months we’ve become very good friends.
She loves to go through my backpack.
I bought a $2 necklace in Cambodia. It was gift to myself. I liked the stone. But the knot never held. So I gave it to Ngoc. She doesn’t like it much, but her mom appreciated the thought.

This is also the place where I started my day, getting my cafe sua da and turning what should have been a five minute cup of coffee into thirty by the time I’d finished playing with Ngoc.

Oh, and she’s learning to talk and can say “Hi”, “Bye” and “See you later” fluently… in Vietnamese and English.

English Teacher through in through…
with a crush for good luck.

Hands up Ngoc. Oh-so adorable.


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