Photo Series: How to Make a Smoothie in Vietnam

Photo Series – I love words, but sometimes it is easier to show rather than to tell. Herein likes the concept of the Photo Series. A series of images with brief descriptors to help travellers appreciate and understand some of the nuances that make visiting a foreign land so tempting and memorable.


How to make a smoothie in Vietnam.

First select the fruit.

Let’s go with… mango.

Hello mango.

Peel off the rind and then…

Action knife shot!

No core please.

A teaspoon of sugar helps the...

Also with added milk for liquidity’s sake.

The Justin Bieber of Vietnam.

A liberal amount of ice.

In the mix.

Blender is go!

Mango mixology.

The beautifully blending beverage.

Perfect pour.

Really, that is a perfect pour.

Smooth mango smoothie.

Good to go.
Grand total… 150 000 Dong (or 75 cents.)


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