Vietnam: cà phê sữa đá

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Photo Series – I love words, but sometimes it is easier to show rather than to tell. Herein likes the concept of the Photo Series. A series of images with brief descriptors to help travellers appreciate and understand some of the nuances that make visiting a foreign land so tempting and memorable.


Coffee – I adore coffee and have for many years now. Arriving in Vietnam I wondered how exactly I’d maintain my caffeine dedication when the temperature reads 25 degrees Celsius during winter. (There are two seasons in Vietnam – Hot and Wet or Hot and Dry.)

Fortunately the Vietnamese (and French) solved the problem for me.
cà phê sữa đá – Vietnamese iced (milk) coffee.

1) The starting trio of beverages and glasses.

Coffee dripping through into the cup, glass with ice at the ready, plus the always complimentary green tea.

2) Coffee (cà phê) meets milk (sữa).

Thick black coffee steeped atop condensed and sweetened milk.

3) Vietnamese ingenuity to prevent coffee spillage!

Coffee stirred and ready. The filter cap also acts as a drip tray (under and on the left)!

4) Mixology at its finest and caffeine-ated-est.

Mixing the coffee and milk with the ice. It helps to dilute the strong black coffee.

5) Ready to drink!

Finally ready - iced milk coffee (with sidekick green tea).

6) Deliciously done.

All gone. A delicious ritual for coffee aficionados.

Visit Vietnam. Try the coffee. Just be forewarned, it is a strong, potent brew… best enjoyed with ice.


3 thoughts on “Vietnam: cà phê sữa đá

  1. Mmmm-mmm-mmm good!! I’m sure this drink would keep my caffeine addicted headaches away. Nice picture story.

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