Friday’s Photo of the Week (Road Non-repairs)

Anyone who has visited a developing country realizes that infrastructure, especially road construction and maintenance, can be an iffy thing at best.

This is not a rabbit hole, Alice.

This ingenious solution occurs on the street where I reside in my rather swank hotel. What I love most about the problem with the pothole is rather than get up in arms about it, people just jury-rigged it with local materials.

Old piece of lumber – check.
Torn squarish drywall – check
Decorative plant – check
Green vinyl lampshade – check (which in my mind was deposited by some late night reveller staggering about after some ‘happy water’.)

"Know what this pothole warning device needs... a lampshade."

I do adore Vietnam.
Dust, heat and potholes.


One thought on “Friday’s Photo of the Week (Road Non-repairs)

  1. You do manage to capture the most intriguing and interesting photos. A certain stanchion came to mind. It was minus a lampshade! Love it!!

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