Friday’s Photo of the Week (Vietnam Monsoon)

This is a touch late thanks to glitchy computer systems in Vietnam. I have solved the issue so it should mean I’m able to keep writing my blog and posting pictures to complement the words.


It’s the end of the rainy season in Vietnam. Vietnam has two seasons (that I know of) the hot, wet season and the hot, dry season.

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Clearly the wet season isn’t finished with Vietnam just yet. The squalls that roll through Saigon rarely last more than an hour, but for that hour the rain falls in sheets and bounces up off the concrete and turns the roads into rapidly flowing rivers. Lightning illuminates the dark. Anyone not on a motorbike heads for cover, whereas those on their bikes instantly through on a poncho to cover themselves and their bike.

By morning, only a few puddles remain.
In many ways, the flash storms act to cool and wash this fantastically gritty city.


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