Friday’s Photo of the Week (Halloween Edition)

In honour of Halloween and… I’m not sure how many Photo’s of the Week I’m adding two things. The first is a subtitle so I can differentiate the various weekly photos. The other is a theme. Instead of costumes I present…


Beeker vs. Supa Saffa

Street clothed super battle - Supa Saffa uppercuts Beeker Von Evil.

This stems from July 2009, Conrad and I took a field trip to KBS studios with Wonderland. Easily one of the best field trips I’ve ever been on; as a teacher or a student.

Near the end of the tour, the guides ushered us into a bluescreen room, alas the students went first and they all sat there while on the bluescreen various images flashed and shifted behind them. Perhaps they were mesmerized by the technology or seeing themselves on TV.

Beeker beheaded.

Once Conrad and I hit the screen things changed. The quiet room erupted in laughter as we put on an impromptu superhero battle unfolded amongst the Seoul skyline.
Supa Saffa (Conrad) cheated because how is it fair to have super strength and flight?
With a move that Sub-Zero wishes his frozen uppercut could accomplish, Supa Saffa decollated the dastardly Beeker and carried his noggin back Hall of Biltong.

Twas an epic battle, and I would have got away with it too… if not for those wily Wonderland kids!

Behind the blue screen magic. Conrad 'flies'.


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