Scribbling out of the Doldrums

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, which I suspect happens with most writers… other than perhaps Stephen King who never seems to suffer writer’s block (when he does he writes a story with a writer with writer’s block)… suffer from, from time to time. Mine lasted a few weeks I’d say. The ironic thing about being a writer stuck in a rut, I hate not writing, yet I didn’t have the focus or motivation to sit down and write. ‘Tis a vicious circle.
I believe part of the troubles a writer can suffer is that sometimes creating a dark stories and evil characters and vile situations, and that takes a toll on the psyche.
At least it does mine.

I was adrift and working through some things to get myself in a better mental place and that required me taking some time off. I needed walk away and clear my head and deal with some other issues that were niggling at my confidence and mindset. Don’t worry it was nothing major, just an accumulation of small things.
It was necessary.

During this time, I’ve been a bit of a ghost. My nieces and nephew have been absent the last week, as my folks found a too-good-to-pass-up cruise through the Mediterranean for two weeks. And my brothers and sisters-in-law are wise enough not trust me alone with their children. I’m a fantastic uncle, but I almost need someone to supervise my supervision. They know I’m the good bad uncle.

While in the doldrums of struggling through a few things, two things helped get the wind back in my sails (or ink back in my pen… or uh, fingertips back on the keyboard). The first is the recent creative explosion and adventure that my friend Chris is revelling in over at Aussie on the Road. The top benefit for him being his paid vacation due to his blogging skills getting noticed – and him being about a galaxy better than I am at networking.
(My networking skills are non-existent). I’m chuffed for him because more people need to read his travelogues and visit more places, and he needs to be paid to go further afield.

The other inspiration is an odder one, but I want to share it with my readers because inspiration can come from unexpected sources. I used to be a big professional wrestling fan but my fandom wavered in recent years – really wavered for a lot of years to be honest – I was directed towards a certain wrestler, his matches, and his podcast.
The wrestler is Colt Cabana, and his story shows how often times people learn more from setbacks than from successes. Colt made it to the top of the wrestling world, for about a cup of coffee. He signed with the WWE, went through development and received the call up to the main roster where… creative had nothing for him. Ever.
(Creative = the writers who script the shows, angles and gimmicks of a wrestling TV show.)

The company released him without giving him a shot to succeed or fail, for many people this would have been disastrous and I suspect it wasn’t the happiest of times in the cabana. Colt could have gone into a downward spiral, instead he took stock and while financially I’m sure his current status isn’t as elevated as it would have been had he stayed in the WWE; it seems to me that on every other facet of life being released from the company led to an improvement for him.
He returned to independent wrestling to find a goodly amount of success and demand, then he looked around and started his own podcast called the Art of Wrestling (it is wrestling based, but it is more generally about life, also, Listener Discretion is advised due to Coarse Language and Funny Fucking Stories) because no one was doing a podcast like that – about wrestling with a wrestler as a host. He’s done stand up comedy. Toured Japan to much aplomb and does his own youtube show. As well as getting to catch up with friends around the wrestling world. (And if a person only listens to one of the podcasts, Domino (Nigeria) is the one to tune in to).

All these things, combined with personal introspection helped out. On Wednesday I went to talk to my bank about starting a new account, the first bank shoved a pamphlet in my hands, pointed what they offered, then took the pamphlet back. Needless to say I wasn’t inspired to invest my money there. The next bank I ended up in a half hour conversation that touched briefly about banking and my various options, and then about life, and travel and the important things in life.
I haven’t invested the money yet, but it is an easy decision to where I’m going to store some excess funds.

I want to write again, the stories I mentioned just over a week ago, but I also feel some fictionalized stories stirring that are starting to make murmurs about being scribbled down and shared with some trusted friends. My travel blogging will continue, and that will be for the general public, but there is a far cry from writing “…and then I got drunk with the chief of the village” (which it did) and coming up with the reason for while and how a certain batch of characters ended up adrift on a barge with an angry goat and three bushels of coffee beans.

Long post short… it’s time to get writing and travelling again.


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