One year, Two weeks, One day

That’s how long I’ve been keeping this blog. I’ve done writing on and off for years, but in past year I started putting more of my scribblings out there for people to read and peruse.
For the most part it’s been a rewarding experience. I’ve come in contact with some people I wouldn’t have otherwise, and for one brief 24 hour period was a darling of WordPress, when  I was Freshly Pressed due to nearly being caught in the cross-fire between North and South Korea and their enduring border ceasefire.

Not so very long ago I filled out a ‘Blog at a Glance‘ and I see no point in redoing it. There are seven links there, from most popular to most overlooked. I haven’t glanced at it in a while, but I’ll just made a few further comments upon my blog after the year which was.

For the most part it was a very good year, I travelled a fair amount; living in South Korea, visiting Singapore and Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau as well as showing my parents around South Korea for a week (a blog series that is just begging to be finished but has been stuck in limbo along with my writing motivation). I’m shaking off that lethargy and trying to write when I want to, as well as when I don’t. That’s the trick, something Jamie reminded me at my 20th Grad Reunion when he said, “writing is like working out, not that I’ve been to a gym, but it required repetition and training”. (Fear not Jaime, I’m adverse to gyms as well). And he’s correct, and my writing skills have grown flabby lately, so it’s time to work through those chunky love handles around my knuckles. Hence back to back days with blog posts.

Year in Review
In the past year (and 2 weeks and a day) I’ve blogged 151 times. That’s an average of one blog post every 2 1/2 days. Go me! Clearly I had some sweet zones to counteract my current malaise.
That number is a bit inflated, since roughly 50 of those posts have been Friday Photo’s of the Week. That concept developed over the course of the year, going from me slapping up a picture with a few words, to becoming a short piece of micro-fiction. I aim to top the Friday series at 100 words, just a snapshot (or shots) telling a succinct story. A snippet from the week, or some point in my life I want to highlight.
The most recent addition is the slideshow feature, which I both like and dislike. I like the scrolling images, but I miss captioning each individual photo. The pictures decide if I use the slideshow function or not. Some are grouped and a sequence and need no explanation, others beg for a few bonus words.

The big one being that I should be writing more frequently, with longer posts. I have a goal here, believe it or not, and I’m not there yet, but I feel I am progressing my writing and my style. Things look good if I can keep this focus and dedication and set up my write-up regime, and stick with it.
This parallels my least successful blog post, about jogging. I should still be jogging, or at least working out. The slight paunch I’ve developed informs me I need to increase my write-up and work-out sessions.
The most disappointing  post therefore is about me jogging.
I need to start that again, although winter is coming. (George RR Martin reference, sweet~!)

Unexpected Success
People are pervs. Men mostly. This comes as no shock to my female readers I’m sure. My most enduring and popular and searched for blog is Texas Two-Steppin‘ in Busan. The number of searches that land on my site stemming from ‘juicy girls’, ‘Texas Street’, ‘filipinas’ and ‘baikal’ rewards me with views and depresses me with the fact that I should maybe add a Sleaze Filter to go along with the Spam Filter.
I suspect those viewers don’t enjoy my post about Texas Street too much.

New Additions
I’ve signed up for Twitter. I don’t know how long I’ll be on it, but currently, after 25 minutes I have 0 followers! And made one tweet. Search for Byron JD Kerr or ByronBackpacks. Mostly I intend to use it to herald new blog postings.

Future Posts
I’ve got a few options when it comes to future posts; I’ll continue to talk about my delightfully dysfunctional family, completing the long-stalled Parents in South Korea remains a priority, I’ve also got the following places I can blog about since this is a travel-first sort of place; Mongolia, Vietnam and Cambodia, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales (if I can find the travel diaries I took years ago) as well as West Africa.

If there is any particular place you’d like to read about, let me know and I’ll see what I can scritch.

Thanks to all the 8500 viewers that stopped by in the past 380 days.

Here’s to the next dark alley or winding path that my life takes me on.


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