Friday’s Photo of the Week (Sunsets on the Coast)

Sunset over False Creek. Clouds cast the city in pinks and shadows.


I won’t deny I’m a sucker for sunsets. I think it has to do with being born on the West Coast and being a night owl. I struggle to fall asleep and wake up slowly. Sunsets suit me much better than sunrises. Seeing the sun sink into the sea just seems natural to me.

These two photos are from two of my favourite spots around Vancouver.
The first one likely looks familiar to frequent readers since it was taken from the balcony of the apartment on False Creek I keep finding excuses to chase my cousin out of town.

Sunset at Rockcrest. Trees in shadows and a horizon bleeding golden to blood red.

The other one of those special places in the world I’ve found, fortunately for me I was born into this place and this view. Particularly impressive for me how the shades grow darker left to right – from the place of the setting sun to the Coastal Mountains.


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