Rare Sightings

“Dorie, I have a dad! He’s here! He’s just changing into his shorts.” – Kylieanne.


Ian hasn’t been around much this year. He’s busy. He’s always been busy, but right now he’s busy even by his own standards. I won’t go into details but the amount of driving he does in a day, many people don’t do in a week and I likely don’t do in a month. But he was here this Sunday. Mom, being momish, organized a family dinner for the two clans; Kerr and Dunbar. Of a possible 18 attendees, 17 were present.

Ian was the star of the show.

A rare sighting indeed, The whole Deroche Kerr clan together (in a pool.)

I was in the pool with Ian and his three kids and none of them wanted to spend a second of time with me.  Sure, they did, but only when Ian literally shoved them across the water towards me and they knew they had to cling to me in order to not drown.
Yes, sometimes being an uncle ain’t glamorous. But for Ian as Daddy, it was his afternoon to shine..
Listen, I know how important ‘stuff’ is, but I also maintain that most kids don’t care about that, they want to spend time with their parents. On this Sunday, three children did exactly that. My job was to keep the non-held kiddos from scrambling across the pool, or jumping in from the edge towards their daddy.

It wasn’t an easy job.

But the kiddos all seemed to have fun, the three who wanted to be with their daddy in the pool, and the fourth who was quite happy to hang out with her parents or her uncle. it didn’t matter so much to her, since she spends a lot of good time with parents so it wasn’t a rarity for her to be in a pool with her parents, or her uncle.

Fly Aisling fly.

Everyone swam a great deal. No one more than Mackenna.
I feel bad for Mackenna, she’s 6 1/2 going on 26 1/2 and at her age, the fact that she’s three years between her next oldest or youngest cousin or sibling makes for difficult times. In a few years it won’t matter at all, but right now, 3 1/2 or 10 1/2 is too big a gap for her.
She tries though.
And lord knows she spent forever and an hour in the pool. I (foolishly) offered to keep an eye on her in the pool. She never left. I tried to teach her how to dive but she tried it 3 times, then gave up on it, only to try again 2 hours later without warning me.
She… is not a good swimmer. She can put her face underwater, which is good, but after a few strokes her doggy paddle becomes a doggy panic. She claws the water, trying to scramble through it to safety. She was never in danger since I’m a strong swimmer and have some lifesaving training, but I would love her parents to enroll her in some swimming lessons. I truly believe any child should take some courses so they can safely and confidently swim 200m or so to shore if needs demand it.

Eventually, finally, mercifully, Mackenna opted for the hot tub which led to this fantastic discussion between Mackenna and her dad.

“Mackenna, do you want to get out of the hot tub?”
“No.” her reply since she is enjoying the hot tub.
“It wasn’t a question really.”
“But you just asked me if I wanted to get out, and I don’t.”
“Mackenna…” Ian leaves the word hanging.

The youngest three learn to dive... and Kylieanne won the right to dive to daddy.

Now, both are right. It is time for dinner, but Ian did ask his daughter if she wanted to get out the hot tub.

Then it was time for dinner.
I give my dad a lot of grief over his cooking skills, which are mostly non-existent. Except, the man knows how to barbeque a roast. Tonight’s dinner was excellent. Mom and Auntie Lynne supplied heaps of fresh vegetables; potatoes, peas and carrots, broccoli and finally, corn. It was good, solid hearty fare.

So the only person not present was my cousin Scott, and I’m glad he wasn’t.
He is loud, beyond loud, he is deafening. What’s worse, he makes his two sons louder by association as they try to garner his attention. With him removed, his sons were well behaved and entertaining. They talked without shouting, they interacted without distracting. In fact, my mom had to ask if Jordan was around because he was being well behaved and low-key. He was seated beside me.

The only person causing a fuss was the 2 year old, potato flinging MacGregor, which is understandable. His father lucked out being sat beside me and Nolan, who ate EVERYthing.
That boy, I tells ya!

Dessert was a three tier affair, Blueberry pie, Rice Crispie Square and cake. As expected from my mom and aunt, all were excellent.

After dinner things got entertaining.
I gave Nolan a ride on a push-car when I spotted Aisling legging it past me towards the playground. She’s sporting that mischievously wicked grin on her face that means someone has to go take care of her. None of the other adults seem to have noted her break for freedom. I shove Nolan in his cart towards the lawn and with a nod from my cousin head off after Aisling. I literally have time to put my coffee cup down before she slooshes down the slide at a rapid rate of speed for me to catch at the bottom. Then we spend a goodly 15 minutes climbing the ladder to the treehouse and sliding down the slide before her mother inquires where her daughter is. Oh Aisling you cheeky lil rapscallion!


The next day, after the wee ones cleared out I went for a walk along the beach, visiting Crescent Beach first, before backtracking and taking the rough path back up to Rockcrest, but I was curious, I’d heard a rumour that past the painted white rock it was a nudist beach.

Turns out it was.

Turns out, that most nudists are proudly unappealing to either sex. There was one hot lil number but I really don’t know that the protocol is for chatting up an already naked girl who is sunbathing upon her back. This was, of course, after going past 2 older men proudly shaking their sagging shakey things for the world to see.

So that’s it.
One rare sighting, one happy non-sighting, and one (series of) naked sighting.


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