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Thanks (?) to my good friend CWB over at Aussie on the Road, he’s pretty much forced my hand into writing up this blog post. Fortunately I think the concept (My 7 Links) is rather swanky so I was more than happy to do it. It’s a simple concept, go through the posts and pick the seven that best meet the criteria. Plus I’m hoping a few of my friends my tag along and follow-up with their own recollections of their electronic scritching.

The goal? “to unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again”.

That sounds like a great idea to me.
Here we go…!

My Most Beautiful Post: Friday’s Photo of the Week

My Mongolian Alarm Clock.

I wanted an easy hook, something I could do without putting too much effort into it but also that my readers could enjoy as something light and frothy but repeatable without being repeated. I’ve travelled a lot, and taken a lot of pictures, hence the genesis of Friday’s Photo of the Week. I’ve done nearly 10 months of them, and this is still one of those images I snapped that makes me go… Wow! I snapped this.

My Most Popular Post: Korea: Border Incident

Sundown as a day colder than winter settles across the border.

This one is easy. November 24th of last year I was midway through a year long contract and living up near the border between North and South Korea, when the two Hangul Hooligans spent a few hours firing live rounds across a narrow strait. Thanks to this being ‘Freshly Pressed‘ on WordPress it nabbed 1100 views in a matter of hours.
(Full confession, I started this post just before midnight and being utterly smashed – as no one knew what the next day would bring.)

My Most Controversial Post: Korea: Texas Two-Stepping in Busan

Friends, writers, rakish ne'er-do-wells.

Since CWB nominated me, it seems only fitting one of our mutual adventures makes this list. Sadly? Hilariously? This is my second most popular post and my most searched for post. Something about Juicy Girls, Busan, Russians, Texas Street and a pair of drunken entertained (and entertaining) rakish rapscallions that seems to resonate with readers.
Or I have a slew of lecherous perverts finding and following me.
Finally, I’ve found my niche!

My Most Helpful Post: Korea: A Culture of Drink
This might be a bit of an odd choice but I feel it really displays how prevalent and ubiquitous drinking is in South Korea. It also has a universal, yet funny, resolution that if I hadn’t watched it (or lived in Korea) I might not have believed it possible.

The Post with the Most Unexpected Success: Naughty Uncle Bye-on
This one surprised me simply because most of my writings are about travelling and this one was about my niece lying to her mother. I suspect it resonates with a lot of readers because it has that kernel of truth that nearly every parent can read and simply nod their head while rolling their eyes.

The Post that Felt Overlooked: Vietnam: Take Two – Hilltop Markets and Corn Hooch

After sipping on corn hooch with my Black Hmong matriarch.

This was a really good day and I felt like I captured the feel of the mountains of Vietnam pretty well. A 5AM disembark from an overnight train in the north of the country, a hoary van trip, a mountainside market, powerful local firewater, fantastic scenery and two of the cutest kids ever. Why have only 14 people read this one?

The Post I’m Most Proud of: Korea: Back to School with the Parents

Dad, Gwang-jin, Eun-hee, Da-hye, Ji-hee, Pyeol, Mom and Mr. Hong.

This is a bit of an odd choice perhaps because it’s not about my writing or even an amazing memory for me or seeing something I haven’t seen before. This was 2 weeks after the end of my contract in South Korea and I took my parents to visit my old school. It is the sense of pride and love I feel for my folks as they had never been to an Asian country, let alone in a poor rural Asian area. But everyone; my Dad, the principal, the teachers, the students and especially my Mom really enjoyed the West-meeting-East moment.

As I prepare for the next stage in my adventure, somewhere in Asia I expect, I’ve found how much I need writing in my life. There are lots more tales to tell and sights to see. Hopefully some readers will return to find out what (and where I’m going next)

There you have my seven, I could have easily picked others but I opted not to overthink it (for a change). A link to the rules.

Here now, my nominees.
– Brad at Blue Collar Space (not about travel at all, but a good friend with great insights.)
– Jack at Stimpleminded (found it! My favourite mad layabout.)
– Kate at Kate Greer (check out her Travel Me Beautiful section)
– baidanbi at Cooking in Tongues (culinary travel at it’s finest)
– Linda at Books, Photographs and Artwork (pictures!)

Finally, as I’m not on Twitter I don’t have their Twitter handles, I can find out if they tell me. I’m still debating joining the Tweet Fleet.

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