Friday’s Photo of the Week (Oyu Graduation Day)

The graduates.

Today was a special day at Oyu Middle School as at 10:00 it was the graduation ceremony for the Third Grade, they’re off to High School for their final three years.

I vividly remember my high school graduation 20 years ago.

Today though 11 students will move on to various high schools depending on their interests and their grades.

The 11 are…
Back Row: Seong-gu, Eun-young, Seok-jin, Min-uk, Sung-won, Gang-seop
Middle Row:  So-hyun, Chae-won, Gyeong-eun, Dal-sul, Ye-jin
Front Row: Mothers and Mr. Kim in the middle. (He’s their home room teacher as well as the science teacher.)


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Photo of the Week (Oyu Graduation Day)

  1. How do the grades go in your school? That doesn’t look like third graders too me so I am assuming that it works differently than in America.

    • It’s Middle school, so the North American equivalent would be they’ve just finished Grade 9 and will do their final three years in high school.

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