Korea: Late night entertainment

Ah Korea, it’s not that it’s Wednesday. It’s not that it’s past midnight. It’s not that I’ve had a few beers.

No, it’s the impressive fact that after what should have been a 2500 Won taxi ride home I had to stop at not one, not two, not three, not four but at FIVE (in)convenience stores in order to find a Bank Machine that wanted to permit me to withdraw money from it.

Bank Machine Number One (Family Mart) – doesn’t translate into English and kept giving me random code errors even though I entered everything correctly.

Bank Machine Number Two (Buy the Way) – out of order.

So I was directed to Bank Machine Number Three (Buy the Way – too, one whole block away) – except this Buy the Way was locked tight. Lights were still on though.

On to Bank Machine Number Four (Unknown Store) – which happened to be shuttered shut.

The cabbie asked, “Odi?” Good question. I don’t know ‘where’ at this point. Finally I strike upon…

Bank Machine Number Five (the only store I’ve ever seen close as a GS25 to open as some no-name brand) – which was open! And I was able to withdraw cash.

And my 2500 Won taxi ride blossomed into a 4700 Won scenic tour of Dongducheon-jungang convenience stores.

… still worth a blog post though.


3 thoughts on “Korea: Late night entertainment

  1. Oh, it wasn’t the price, that rolls out to be $4.5 (US, Canadian, Aussie) it was the entertainment/frustration factor of having to go to 5 different convenience stores to find some bank machine to give me money to the point I was wondering… uh… if this place is closed will he take Vietnamese Dong.

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