Korea: Does this count as extra credit?

From the… I can’t believe this is legal department.

Actually that would be a fantastic governmental agency to work for: The Ministry of the Unbelievably Legal Department or M.U.L.D.

Two quick entries today; one a rumour and the other that’s been confirmed. Both relate to teachers in South Korea. It is important to note that BOTH of these teachers are South Korean (not waygooks,) they’re both also female which isn’t as important.


The rumoured indiscretion involves a substitute teacher. I can’t confirm this since I’m at school and apparently GEPIK blocks the term ‘porn’ from their search engines. At least that’s what I think the big, bold yellow box with black writing and an 18 inside a stop-sign box is telling me.

So the allegation, a substitute teacher walks into a classroom and administers a test. The students diligently get down to answering the exam as best they can, the substitute, bored fires up a web browser. With the students focused on their tests, what possible harm could come from a bit of porn?

Nothing, of course.


Our brilliant substitute teacher forgot one of the basic things to check when surreptiously checking ‘adult content’ (porn) when in a classroom. Mainly, make sure your computer is not Not NOT connected to the large screen TV that can be found in all classrooms for powerpoint presentations (and apparently sex education porn now.)

Needless to say the students found it to be the toughest test yet due to the pornographic distractions. And the substitute teacher was immediately dismissed.

(I’ll try to confirm this when I get home and update this post.)

(EDIT: I can’t confirm th is because apparently typing ‘teacher’ and ‘porn’ into a search engine yields a LOT of results but none that verify this. =D)


The other, confirmed teacher indiscretion and the one that offends me on multiple levels revolves around a 35 year old teacher sleeping with her 15 year old student.

Police officers reported that the teacher, who is 35 years old, had a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student. Both cannot be named for legal reasons. According to police officers, on Oct. 18, the female teacher had intercourse with the student inside her car in a car park at Yeongdeungpo station, approximately  at noon.

So not only is she committing adultery, she’s too cheap to spring for a love motel at mid-day? Wow, this woman must be a mouth-breather since she clearly ain’t too bright. Somewhere a chimpanzee is thinking ‘why didn’t we get a shot to run this world?’

But, it gets better and worse.

Police officers in Gangseo-gu said the teacher will not face any legal punishment, as the student agreed to the sex. No money was involved. “Current law indicates even if there is no money involved, if a child is younger than 13, the suspect will face legal punishment…”

Really, that’s why it’s legal? She never paid him? First year middle school students – no go, but third year – no pay and on ya go?

How could this get any more surreal? Oh, wait I know.

…Also, the teacher and student agreed they have emotional feelings for one another. Therefore, the suspect will not face any punishment.”

Oh you’ve just got to be fucking kidding me.

Let’s summarize. Over 13 means legal consenting age as long as no money changes hand and if they ‘really really like each other lots n’ lots n’ forever n’ ever?’ That’s it? This has to be the most ludicrous legal loophole I can imagine. My mind feels sore just from trying to figure out how this ‘perfectly legal activity’ will only result in the teacher losing her job. The school will dismiss her not because her actions are illegal, just immoral.


I’m gob-smacked, I cannot form any words to express myself.


Link: Korea Herald article


One thought on “Korea: Does this count as extra credit?

  1. You can be certain that if a waygookin of either sex had engaged in sex with a 15 year old – there’d be a witch hunt. Insanity.

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